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I'm answering. A host of volunteers answer questions here at Wiki, most of the answers are honest based upon the question you asked while some are certainly less than honest, or just silly non-sense. When you see an answer that is incorrect, badly formed, or just silly feel free to answer it yourself; flag it to be answered by someone else (report); or simply ignore the silly / dumb answers.

Please remember however that in asking for "Advise" to questions you will get as many opinions as there are people to give them, and not all of them you will agree with.

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Q: Who is answering these questions because you all need to give good advice?
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What does self- incrimination mean?

Means you make a statement or give evidence that incriminates you. In other words, you say you are personally guilty of something when you aren't legally required to make such an admission.

Are there any rhetorical questions in the speech to the Virginia Convention?

Are you kidding me? There are so many rhetoric questions on that thing that whole speech is practically a rhetoric question!!! Give 3 examples.

Who advises the president?

The President's Cabinet refers to the secretaries who manage the 15 major executive departments of the US government. Up until say 80 years ago, the group had regular cabinet meeting with the President , the problems of the day were discussed and suggestion were made on how to solve them. Modern president rely more on their large White House staff for advice on what the President should do.

What makes you an outstanding candidate?

Focus on your strengths, skills, and special attributes when answering this question. You might also want to give an example or two demonstrating your skills. You want to stand out from other candidates vying for the same position.

Why did the blockade become more effective by 1863?

It was because most of the blockade runners didn't give up the fight and they kept on trying. (New Respondent) I feel that the first Respondent is answering a different question. The blockade became more effective because the Emancipation Proclamation discouraged the British from building blockade-runners for the Confederates, for fear of looking pro-slavery. Meanwhile the Union navy had built-up a bigger fleet, and New Orleans had fallen to the North.

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1. Because I'm bored at work and have nothing better to do. 2. I like to share my knowledge. 3. I use WikiAnswers myself to get questions answered so I am just returning the favor by helping out. I am answering your questions because your would not really post questions without wanting to know the answer. I want to give you the answer to the questions.

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I am getting sick of answering your questions!

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Contributors give answers to questions because it helps the person who asked the question, and it is helping others who also want to know the answer, and by parting the knowledge by answering questions helps millions of people per day.

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Well, you have to give a reasonable answer that will help.

Can anyone give me boyfriend advice?

Feel free to submit any questions you have and someone(s) will offer advice as your questions are presented. Thanks.

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I'm becoming very grumpy answering these example sentence questions.

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other people answer them like me now answering your question

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It is up to the individual who is answering the question, not WikiAnswers.

Who is answering all the question here?

Anyone, including guests can answer questions posed here. I answer these questions because its fun for me. You can give me a trust point by clicking on recommend contributer. You can also message me on my message board. :) Username is"Keijukainen"

Why won't your system tell me the answers?

The reason is because we don't have a system that answers questions. How the answers get there is by people. By asking and answering questions. So since people give the answers it might be days or weeks or more till you get an answer because we have 2,000,000 members and 10,000,000 questions so there are a lot of questions to go through and answer them all but eventually your questions will have answers.

Anyone interested in giving me advice with inlaw issues?

i am ready to give ask me the questions i will answer it.

Does Wikianswers know someone is answering their own questions?

Yes they do. You should be Notified or you can easily look. Contributors are allowed to answer their own questions if they can give reasonable answers.