Who is father of auditing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hoover, J. Edgar

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Q: Who is father of auditing?
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What has the author J Donald Warren written?

J. Donald Warren has written: 'Handbook of Accounting and Auditing' 'Continuous auditing' -- subject(s): Auditing, Internal, Internal Auditing

What has the author Vivian R V Cooper written?

Vivian R. V. Cooper has written: 'Manual of auditing' -- subject(s): Auditing 'Student's manual of auditing' -- subject(s): Auditing

What is meant by auditing?

auditing is a review process,usually of accounting procedures

What is Auditing practices and methodology of firms?

What is Auditing practices and methodology of firms?"

How auditing begins where accounting ends?

Auditing begins where Accountancy ends.

When was Central Auditing Organization created?

Central Auditing Organization was created in 1942.

What is the first step in auditing access to a NTFS folder?

enable login auditing

What did the Auditing Standards Board do in response to the Treadway Commission report?

The Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the AICPA issued ten new auditing standards in 1988.

What has the author James Roth written?

James Roth has written: 'Four approaches to enterprise risk management' -- subject(s): Auditing, Internal, Internal Auditing, Risk management, United States 'Adding value' -- subject(s): Accounting, Auditing, Internal, Internal Auditing, Value added 'Control model implementation' -- subject(s): Auditing, Internal, Case studies, Internal Auditing

What is the default mechanism for auditing remote access connections?

global object access auditing

What is the definition of auditing?

Auditing is the examination and evaluation of financial statements to check financial accuracy.

What has the author Jeffrey Ridley written?

Jeffrey Ridley has written: 'Cutting Edge Internal Auditing' 'Cutting edge internal auditing' -- subject(s): Internal Auditing