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The president is the Commander and Chief of the military. Along with his advisors the Joint Chiefs of Staff military decisions are made.

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Q: Who is head of all US military activity?
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What branch of government official serves as commander in chief of the military?

The US President is the Comander in Chief of the US Military

The president serves the following roles in the US political system?

party leader and civilian head of the military.

What major department head has authority over us military?

The Secretary of Defense is the major department head with authority over the US military. The Secretary of Defense is a civilian appointed by the President and is responsible for the overall management and direction of the Department of Defense, which includes the branches of the military.

Who was head of the US military during the American Revolution?

George Washington

What is true of the US military today?

The military is made of all volunteers.

Who reviews a report of an alleged ethics violation in the military?

The US Government and US Military takes all complaints very seriously, there is a US office of Government ethics. The Government ethics office would follow up ethics violations plus the relevant defense agencies head ethics officials.

What non military jobs did African-Americans do in the US military during World War 2?

ALL jobs in the US military are military positions, be it war or peace. There are NO non-military jobs in the military

When did the US military become an all volunteer military?

It has always been an all volunteer military with the only notable exceptions were drafts.

Who commander in chief of the military?

The president is commander-in-chief of all US Military.

Is the UN in control of US military?

No not at all.

Do all American boys and girls have to go into the military service?

No, the US currently has an all-volunteer military.

What is a statement that is true of the US military today?

The military is under appreciated. The military is made of all volunteers. The military is underpaid.