Who is king harald?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Harald Hardrada was the king of Norway he was born in 1016. In 1064 Edward the confessor (king of England died. Harald believed he should be king of England as well because he said that the land had been promised to his ancestors and his father. Two other men also believed that they should be king, Harold Godwinson and William the conqueror he fought Godwinson in the battle of Stanford Bridge IN 1066 but died with an arrow to the eye. Godwinson and William then battled in The Battle of Hastings.

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Q: Who is king harald?
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Who is the king of Norway now?

King Harald 5th.

Who was founder king of Norway?

King Harald Fairhair. Native name: Harald Haarfagre == ==

Name of norwegian monarch?

The norwegian monarch is King Harald V (King Harald the fifth).

Why should harald havdrada be king?

Harald Havdrada doesn't exist!

What is King Harald V of Norway's birthday?

King Harald V of Norway was born on February 21, 1937.

When was King Harald V of Norway born?

King Harald V of Norway was born on February 21, 1937.

What was Harald Hardrada's claim to be King?

Harald Hardradas, was the youngest brother of King Olaf, and the third in line for the throne ,

Who is the King for Norway?

Harald V is the King for Norway.

Who whanted to be king in 1066?

William of Normandy, Harold godwin and Harald- and i mean harald with an a- hadrada all wanted to be king in 1066

When was king Harald the fifth elected king?

His royalty King Harald V (Hans kongelige høyhet Kong Harald V) got the throne January 17th. 1991 when his father died. We don't elect our King, it runs in the royal family :)

Who was Harald Hadradda?

he was king of Norway

Did Harald Hardrada become king?