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In Canadian politics, the leader of the Municipal Government is called a Council-chief Administrative Officer (CAO). A CAO may be known as the city administrator, municipal manager or city commissioner and is largely a modified version of the council-manager system popular in the US.

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In most states, the towns and cities (the municipalities) are mayor-council forms of government. That is, there is a mayor, who is the leader, and a City Council, who are the law-makers and money-spenders. All are elected to their positions by the citizens of that municipality, and all usually must be residents of the town or city.

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Q: Who is leader of the municipal government?
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In municipal governments the leader is called the Mayorof the city or town.

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who helps the leader run the municipal government? -city council

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Usually the government or whatever municipal/provincial leader who makes up the hunting rules.

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a good leader

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Each city has it's own municipal government. They are all different.

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In most cases, the head of a municipal government is the position called "mayor".

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