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Typically, those involved in developing public policy are lawmakers in Congress, who bring such policy bills to the president to be signed into law and officially enacted as public policy. Public policy is implemented at a national level.

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Q: Who is not responsible for developing and implementing public policy at the federal level?
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Generally whowhat is responsible for carrying or implementing policy?

The Secretary of Defense

The part of the federal government responsible for monetary policy is?

the Federal Reserve System

What institution is responsible for conducting monetary policy?

federal reserve system

Is the federal reserve responsible for using monetary policy tools?


Why is the monetary policy administered by the federal reserve the principal method of softening the effects of the business cycle?

Because there are more political complications with determining and implementing fiscal policy.

What is a duty of the department of agriculture?

The Department of Agriculture is responsible for executing and developing federal government policy on forestry, agriculture, food and farming. The Department of Agriculture was formed on May 15, 1962 by Abraham Lincoln.

Which institution is responsible for conducting monetary policy in the US?

The Federal Reserve Bank

What federal government policy is most responsible for technological innovation?

the granting of patents

Which U.S. government department is responsible for carrying out foreign affairs and diplomacy?

The U.S. Department of State is responsible for carrying out foreign affairs and diplomacy. It is tasked with developing and implementing the foreign policy of the United States, fostering diplomatic relations with other countries, and representing the United States in international organizations and negotiations.

In response to hspd-5 the department of defense established... which directs policy assigns responsibilities and prescribes procedures for developing implementing and sustaining installation eme?


Why can't federal agencies attack complex problems by producing and implementing a coherent systematic policy?

The problems change due to their complexity hence the policy could never be coherent and systematic.

Which agency is responsible for monetary policy beyond the control of the President and Congress?

federal reserve:)