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tell me the answer im not telling you because i don't even know

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Q: Who is our representative in Ottawa MP?
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Who is the Member of Parliament for Ottawa?


Who is the Member of Parliament in Ottawa?

Canada is divided into 308 electoral districts (or 'ridings'). Each one has a representative 'MP'. There is no singular Member of Parliament.

Who is my mp in north york representing in Ottawa?

C s leung

What is your member of parliament MP in Ottawa is?

The member of parliament for the Province of Ottawa is listed on the Parliament of Canada web page.

What is an area represented by the representative?

The area represented by an MP is a Constituency

Who is Ottawa's lieutenant governor?

Ottawa does not have a lieutenant governor. Canada does, her title is Governor General and her name is Michaelle Jean. She is the Queen's representative.

Who is your member of parliament(MP) in Ottawa?

The Parliament of Canada web page lists all members of the Canadian Parliament.

An mp or the mp grammar?

An MP, or Member of Parliament, is a representative elected to serve in the legislative body of a government. The MP grammar refers to the use of mathematics-based techniques to model and analyze computer programs for purposes such as verification and optimization.

Who is the current mp for mwingi south in the 11th parliament of Kenya?

There is no constituency in Kenya called Mwingi South and there has no representative.

Does the british parliament carry out its representative function properly?

no woman make up half of the population, compramise only 22% of MP's. Black and ethnic minority compramis only 4% of MP's

Who is the current mp for mwingi east in the 11th parliament of Kenya?

Mwingi East is not one of the constituencies in the 11th parliament of Kenya and therefore has no representative.

How is a citizens voice heard by parliament?

I don't know a direct way but you could speak to your local MP and see if they can raise awarness about your views. I wanted to know the answer to this too.