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Q: Who is president and ceo of computershare?
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Sentence Format - President and CEO or President and CEO?

"President and CEO"

When was Computershare created?

Computershare was created in 1978.

What is the population of Computershare?

Computershare's population is 10,000.

Is the CEO higher than the President?

Yes CEO is higher than the president

When was Alain Belda named CEO of Alcoa?

1999-2001, CEO and president; 2001-, chairman, CEO, and president.

Who has the most authority president or CEO?


What does Computershare specialize in?

Computershare specializes in a variety of different products such as in locating the owner of different sites. Computershare also specialized in loan sharing services.

Which is higher CEO or president?


Who is the CEO of coke?

Muhtar Kent, President & CEO

Who is the president or CEO of Home Depot?

The Home Depot chairman, president and CEO Frank Blake

When was Charles Bell promoted to CEO?

2004-, CEO and president

Where can one go to buy computershare investor services?

Computershare investor services can be bought at computershare, either online or in real life. These investor services can also be achieved by investorcentre.