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You are. The American people are At Fault because they have not been vocal enough to their representatives to stop deficit spending.

And learn to spell deficit right.

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Q: Who is responsible for the defict spending?
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How do you use the word defict on a sentence?

Defict is not a word. You could mean defect of deficit. Here are sentences for them: She brought the product back to the shop it was bought it as she had found a defect in it. The government deficit had dropped.

What sypmtoms does Strattera treat in young children?

attention defict disorder

What challenges do South American countries?

Keep Growing with out Defict or Loan Money

Who is the official that is responsible for the custody and spending of the state money?

State Treasurer.

When the government raises taxes what happens to the total output?

falls, because the goverment is able to reduce the defict

Who is responsible for creating the national debt?

The National Debt is the responsibility of the government. This debt comes from government spending. This spending is acquired from government programs and foreign aid.

What is the difference between the federal dept and the federal deficit?

the debt is 15 trillion the defict is what they need to break even

What is it called when a country imports more than it exports?

it is call a defict..... I think

What does exporting more than you import?

Trade Defict * * * * * The exact opposite! It is a SURPLUS on the current account of the balance of payments.

What does the Senate Finance Committee have to do with budget?

The Senate Finance Committee is responsible for drafting the budget plan for Congress. The Committee is also responsible for overseeing the spending of the Federal Government.

Who is responsible to pay back all depts?

The debts of the US Federal government is responsible for paying all of its debts. This can be done by raising taxes, passing tariff acts and reducing government spending to not allow the debt to enlarge.

Duties and responsibilities of finance staff?

A finance staff monitors all the spending and money coming in to a business. They are responsible for keeping a balance and accurate accounting.