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James yap

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Q: Who is shooter James yap or willie miller?
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Top 10 highest scorers in the PBA?

gary david,mark caguioa,syrus baguio,mark cardona,la tenorio,willie miller,james yap,arwind santos,marcio lassiter,jvee casio

When was James Yap born?

James Yap was born on 1982-02-15.

Who is better mark caguioa or James yap?

james yap of course

Nba highest pointer?


What is the middle name of James yap?


What is the hairstyle of baby James yap?


Who is the most famous persons in the Philippines?

James yap

Who is then highest paid player in pba?

james yap

What is the height of James yap?

It's 6 ft. 3 in.

Best freethrow shooter in pba?

I'm an Alaska fan but James Yap of the B-Meg Derby Ace (Purefoods) is the best shooting guard in the PBA today. Won 2 MVP, the most recent one was last year. i think its mark the spark .. im not a ginebra fan but james and miller have mvp title award because media like them and because of the bad attitude of mark that's why he never had one

Who is player in the Philippines basketball association got a highest paid?

james yap

How much is James yap?

220 a month he contract of bmeg 12 million in 3 years