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The current Lord of Crofton is Dr. Albert Allen international commercial property investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist having been bestowed to him at birth. The title Lord of Crofton dates back to 1,192 with King Richard The Lion Heart during the 3rd Crusades and bestowed on the Templars, the Nevilles and the Royal Tudor Kings Edward VII and Henry VIII.

The title is extremely rare and one of only 7 London-based titles, having been held by 2 monarchs and since passed down through some of the finest and most deserving philanthropist of unparalleled reputation for the next 800 years tied to St. Thomas Hospital opposite Parliament in London.

Because of the title's prestige and high standard of charity and probity, the Lordship of Crofton has been bestowed on heirs who are philanthropists of impeccable reputation, remain very quiet and unassuming yet are enormously wealthy and successful in business with a heart to help others.

Having resided and expanded enterprises in Europe, North America, China, Asia and Latin America, Dr. Allen is considered an international trade and investment expert representing numerous concerns and holding key influential positions. Dr. Allen also holds the European noble titles of Duke of Touraine and Count of Semur.

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Q: Who is the Lord of Crofton?
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