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George Washington was the President. he turned down the offer to make him king because he knew that him being a king would be against the ideals of a republic or democracy.

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Q: Who is the President turned down the offer to make him a king?
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What was note worthy about Washingtons election?

Several things were noteworthy of this event.It was the very first US Presidential electionWashington actually turned down the offer to become KING of AmericaHe was the only President to be elected with no party affiliation of any kind

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Was George Washington offered to be king but turned it down?

Yes. The army offered to make George Washington the King. He turned it down and submitted his resignation to congress.

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Who turned down the directing of 1976 remake of King Kong?

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Did the king of Portugal give money to Columbus?

No, they turned him down. Spain paid for the trip.

What gift did President Lincoln turn down from the King of Siam?

War elephants

Why was Columbus offer turned down by Ferdinand and Isabella at first?

I for one think that he was turned down by the King and Queen at first because they did not believed that he could travel to Asia but then Columbus promised them that he would bring back riches for them from Asia, but he never did reach Asia in turn he reached what we believed was the "New World" because he did not know that North America would be in the way of sailing West to Asia. =)

Did Columbus want the three ships that the king and queen gave him?

Yes! He had been turned down by the king of Italy. He was offered three ships by Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain and he was happy that his plans were not down the drain.

What were the three things Malcolm told Mscduff so he would discover his loyalty?

Malcolm told Macduff that he was greedy, and lustful and had absolutely no desire to be king. He even tried to convince Macduff to accept the opportunity to become king but instead Macduff turned down the offer and told Malcolm that despite all of his bad qualities he would still make an excellent king.

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apollos son died and the king went down to the river bottom every day. He went down there so often, that he turned into a swan

What did Abraham Lincoln turn down when the King of Siam offered him a gift?

Elephants.In 1856, the King of Siam, his Majesty Somdetch Phra Paramendr Maha Mongut, had received a multitude of publications from Lincoln's predecessor, President James Buchanan, which indicated our government's approval of a ratification of a commercial treaty between Siam, and the US.In return, the King of Siam sent the President elect, then, President Lincoln a handsome sword in a gold scabbard inlaid with silver, a daguerreotype portrait of himself and his child, and a pair of elephant tusks. The gifts contained a letter thanking the "President elect", which also included a paragraph, which stated that the US had no elephants. The King explained that "elephants being animals of great size and strength [they] can bear burdens through uncleared woods and matted jungles where no carriage and cart roads have yet been made." He proposed sending a couple of pairs, and that they could be turned lose in the forests, and develop into a herd.President Lincoln was very flattered by the King's gifts, and additional offer of elephants, as gifts. He replied to the King of Siam that he personally could not acceptthe sword, the daguerreotype portrait of himself and his child, and a pair of elephant tusks, but would place the gifts in the Government archive's, to be displayed as tokens of mutual esteem. As for the elephants, he replied to the King with many thanks, but the present condition of the United States would not support herds of elephants, even for the benefit of industrial use. He explained to the King that "Steam" was more practical for our current condition.SHORTER ANSWER: fine hansome gold sward