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God is their supreme authority and divine truth.

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Q: Who is the Transcendentalists authority?
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What was the ideology of transcendentalists?

Humans should be self-reliant and act on their beliefs.

Is Washington Irving a transcendentalists?


How do transcendentalists define truth?

Transcendentalists believe that truth is derived from intuition, personal experience, and inner reflection rather than from external sources like tradition or authority. They emphasize the importance of connecting with one's inner self and nature to uncover universal truths. Truth for transcendentalists is seen as a spiritual and intuitive understanding of the world, rather than relying solely on logic or empirical evidence.

What are transcendentalists' view of education?


Which movements were the transcendentalists linked with?


What did transcendentalists value most?

Transcendentalists value spiritual growth. Transcendentalism's core belief is the inherent goodness in man and nature.

Which did transcendentalists believe?

Emotions and experience are connected.

Why Jon krakauer is called an transcendentalists?

Cuz he is

Which did the Transcendentalists believe?

Emotions and experience are connected.

What were the transcendentalists known for?

Transcendentalists were known for their emphasis on individualism, intuition, self-reliance, and a deep connection to nature. They believed in the inherent goodness of people and the importance of personal experience and the search for truth. Famous transcendentalists include Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.

Are transcendentalists optimistic or pessimistic?

Transcendentalists are mostly considered optimistic. They have a fierce devotion to achieving realization during their lives to transcend the natural world and enter the spiritual one.

What are the transcendentalists view of society?

All things are relative.