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Department of Justice

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Q: Who is the attorney general in the president's cabinet?
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What are the presidents cabinet officer?

They are the Secretaries of the various departments and the Attorney General.

What are the secretaries of state defense treasury and the attorney general are known as?

The presidents Inner Cabinet

Who is currently holding the cabinet of attorney general?

No one. The attorney general does not have his own cabinet. Or, the nails are holding the cabinet of the attorney general to the wall.

Which cabinet position is headed by attorney general?

Attorney General IS a cabinet position.

How many presidents have appointed family members to their cabinet?

Only one- John Kennedy appointed his brother, Robert, as his Attorney-General.

Which cabinet position is headed by the attorney general?

The Attorney General heads the Department of Justice.

Who are Members of presidents cabinet?

The first members of the President's cabinet were: Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson ------- Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton ------- Secretary of War: Henry Knox ------- Attorney General: Edmund Randolph ------- Postmaster General: I Don't Know... SorryPresident appoints them

Who was the first attorney general?

Edmund Randolph.

Presidents legal advisor.?

Attorney General

What department is the Attorney General the head of?

In the United States, the Attorney General is a cabinet level position. The Attorney General is in charge of the US Justice Department.

Which cabinet was establish by an act of congress?

The Cabinet position of Attorney General was established by an Act of Congress.

Who was the first U.S. attorney general?

Edmund Randolph was the Attorney General in Washington's first cabinet.