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Hal Rogers (R) is the chairman of the US House Appropriations Committee.

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Q: Who is the chairman of the US House Committee on Appropriations?
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What house congressional committee controls the US budget?

Committee on Appropriations

Who is the chairman of the US House Ways and Means Committee?

Charles Ranger, a Democrat from New York

What are the top five most powerful House Committees?

Rules Committee, Appropriations Committee, Ways and Means Committee, and the Budget Committee are probably the most powerful. The Energy and Commerce Committee and the Education and Labor Committee are powerful because of the broad reach of their jurisdictional control.

Who was the chairman of the committee of the whole of the constitutional?

There was no Committee on the Whole. This is an expedited way to consider bills in the US House of Representatives. It was not in use back in 1789. The President of the Constitutional Convention was George Washington.

How many members are on the US House rules committee?

How many committee members are on the US house rules committee?

What is Armed Service House Committee?

The House Armed Service Committee is a committee of the US House of Representatives that funds the Department of Defense and the US armed forces.

How does one contact Chairman Jeb Hensarling of the House Financial Services Committee?

Chairman Jeb Hensarling can be contacted via the official Government Financial Services website by clicking on "Contact Us" and sending either an email or a letter to the address provided.

What committee in the US House of Representatives does tariff legislation originate?

The House committee called the Ways and Means Committee is where tariff legislation originates.

What US Senate committee is charged with finding ways to raise federal revenues?

A powerful committee of the U.S. Senate charged with finding ways to raise federal revenues is the _______ Committee. A. Finance B. Ways and Means C. Budget D. Appropriations Answer: Finance

How does the us government balance their budget?

There are five key steps in the federal budget process: 1.The President submits a budget request to Congress 2.The House and Senate pass budget resolutions 3.House and Senate Appropriations subcommittees "markup" appropriations bills 4.The House and Senate vote on appropriations bills and reconcile differences 5.The President signs each appropriations bill and the budget becomes law.

What is the member of the house of representatives called?

"Representative". However, the House of Representatives has so many different committees, each of which has its own chairman who nominally "runs" the committee, that you'd have about a 50% chance of being right if you addressed him or her as "Chairman".

Name the us senator that is the head of the senate foreign relations committee?

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) is the current Chairman as of Dec.29,2009.