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The congressman in the first district of Laguna is Danilo Ramon S. Fernandez. He has served in congress since 2007.

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Congressman Lemuel B. Estrada

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Q: Who is the congressman in the 3RD district of laguna?
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List of congressman in the batangas province?

aileen ermita buhain 1st district hermilando mandanas 2nd district sonia torres aquino 3rd district

Who is your congressman for gainesville district in Virginia?

Gerry Connolly is the 11th district congressman, for the moment.

How many congressman are the youngest in the Philippines?

As of 2021, there are three congressmen who are considered as the youngest in the Philippines. They are Congressmen Sandro Gonzales of the 1st District of Bataan, Joaquin Chipeco Jr. of the 2nd District of Laguna, and Aiko Bernardo of the Kalinga party-list group.

Who are the congressman of Quezon City?

Congressman Jonah Abugan, District II

Who is congressman in quezon city Philippines?

Congressman Jonah Abugan, District II

Who is the congressman for the 5th district?

Mike Quigley

Who is the north district congressman in Cebu province?

The congressman representing the north district of Cebu province is Janice Salimbangon. She is a member of the Nationalist People's Coalition party.

When and where did Kennedy's political career begin?

As a United States Congressman (Democrat-11th Massachusetts District, January 3rd, 1947 - January 3rd, 1953).

What Congressional District is Laguna Niguel California in?


Who is the congressman of cebu city south district?

It's Congressman Gino Santos by: Bea

Who gets power from congressional districts?

The congressman from that district

Who is the congressman in District of Columbia?

The US Representative for the District of Columbia is Eleanor Holmes Norton. She represents the District but she does not have voting status.