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The current Chief Executive Officer of the Apple corporation is Tim Cook. Tim Cook became the Chief Executive Officer when Steve Jobs resigned in 2011.

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Q: Who is the current chief executive officer of Apple corporation?
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Who is chief executive officer of apple now?

Tim Cook

What does the CEO of Apple do?

CEO = Chief Executive Officer. This is the top person in the company.

Who is the new boss of apple?

Apple's Board of Directors today announced that Steve Jobs has resigned as Chief Executive Officer, and the Board has named Tim Cook, previously Apple's Chief Operating Officer, as the company's new CEO.

Who is is taking over apple?

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs announced on Wednesday that he is no longer fit to serve as the company's chief executive officer. Resigning the position, which has been filled by Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook.

Who is the Chief Executive Offer of Apple?

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple is Timothy Cook. He joined Apple as their Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations in March 1998. He was acting as CEO when Steve Jobs went on medical leave and was appointed actual CEO after Steve Jobs died.

Who is the head of the apple computers?

Steve Jobs and Steve Gary Wozniak are head of Apple.

Who's Steve Jobes?

His name is Steve Jobs not Steve Jobes. Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1976, and is now the Apple Inc. CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

What executive positions has Steve Jobs held?

Atari, 1974, game designer; Apple Computer, 1975, co-founder; Apple Computer, 1975-1977, chairman of the board; 1977-1981, de facto chief executive officer; 1981-1984, chairman of the board .

Who invented the iPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5 was designed and owned by Apple Corporation.

What will be the key strengths and competencies of apple corporation for the future?

The Apple corporation has already made its mark as an innovative company. People who have a creative spark will have an advantage when looking for jobs at Apple Inc.

What is Apple computers' parent company?

Apple is a multinational corporation and does not have a parent company.

Is apple still a partnership 2014?

Apple Incorporated is a Corporation with stockholders it is not a partnership.