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Q: Who is the father of kelly nelon's daughter autumn?
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What year did grace kelly die?

September 14th 1982 in a automobile accident in Monaco in which she apparently suffered a stroke and crashed while driving with her daughter Princess Stephine.

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Is Grace kelly still alive?

No, sadly Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) died in an automobile accident many years ago.

Who is Federal Judge Raymond J Kelly from 1959?

Federal Judge Raymond J. Kelly (1894-1979) was appointed Federal Judge in Alaska by Preident Eisenhower. Jedge Kelly was a graduate of University of Detroit Law School and attended the University of Notre Dame. Judge Kelly served in the US Army in both World War I (France) and World War II (Japan). Judge Kelly also served as corporation counsel for the City of Detoit in the 1930's and 1940's as well as in private law practice. In 1939, Judge Kelly was elected National Commander of the American Legion.

Does Mary Lou retton have brothers and sisters?

Yes, Mary Lou has brothers and sisters. She has three brothers and one sister. Her brother's names are Ronnie Retton, Donnie Retton, and Jerry Retton. Her sister's name is Shari Retton. Now you know Mary Lou Retton has three brothers and one sister!!!! And Mary Lou has a niece, Kelly. There may be more nieces and nephews but I knew Kelly personally when my father was stationed at FT Hood, TX in the 1980's.