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Q: Who is the leader of the upper house legislative branch?
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What is the US's senators?

Legislative Branch (Upper House)

What brach is the us senators?

Legislative Branch (Upper House)

Who is the main body of the legislative branch?

Senate is the upper house.

What are the responsibilities and the make up of the legislative branch and the roles?

The legislative branch is two bodies. The upper house is the Senate with 100 people. The lower house is the House of Representatives. This is 435 people. The job of both houses is to make the laws.

Who are in the legislative branch of Poland?

Poland has a bicameral legislature. The lower house is called the Sejm and the upper house is called the Senat.

What are the two legislative branches of the US and British government?

In the United States: Lower house: House of Representatives Upper house: Senate In the U.K. Lower House: House of Commons Upper House: House of Lords

Is the legislative council the senate?

The Senate and the Legislative Council are both names for the upper house of parliament. The Senate is the upper house of the Commonwealth (Federal) Parliament and the Legislative Council the upper house of the state parliament.

What are the two houses of Parliament the federal government is made up of in Australia?

Different states have different houses of parliament.In Australia, federally, the two houses of Parliament are the Senate (Upper house) and the House of Representatives(lower house).Within each of the states and territories, this changes, and the names of the houses of Parliament are as follows:New South Wales: Legislative Council (upper house) and Legislative Assembly (lower house)Victoria: Legislative Council (upper house) and Legislative Assembly (lower house)South Australia: Legislative Council (upper house) and House of Assembly (lower house)Queensland: Legislative Assembly (there is only one house)Western Australia: Legislative Council (upper house) and Legislative Assembly (lower house)Tasmania: Legislative Council (upper house) and House of Assembly (lower house)Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory:Legislative Assembly (one house only)

What are the names of the houses of Parliament in Victoria?

The Victorian Parliament has two houses: the Legislative Assembly (lower house) and the Legislative Council (upper house).

What is the name of the upper house of parliament in South Australia?

The Upper House of Parliament in New South Wales is called the Legislative Council.

Which branch can accept or reject appointments made by the executive branch?

The Upper House of the Legislative Branch (aka US Senate) can reject any high level appointment of the president such as a federal judge, ambassador or cabinet member. (The president is allowed to make certain lower level appointment without approval )

What branch does the senate belong to?

Senate belongs to the legislative branch. That branch is made of two parts. The Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 100 people, to from each state. While the House has 435 people who come from districts in each state. The number of people that the House is decided by population, so the states with the larger populations have more House members.TOGETHER they are called Congress.