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senate majority leader

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Q: Who is the most powerful member in the upper house at the state level?
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Who is the most powerful member on the lower house at the state level?

who has the most powerful position in the lower house . this person asssign bills to committee

Who is the most powerful members of the lower house at the state level?

speaker of tha house

What is a one house ligislator?

A one house legislator is a member of the House of Representatives. A one house legislator can also mean a member of the Senate. This can be either at the state or Federal level, but not both.

Which house of state legislature is more powerful?

the senate house

Which house of the state legislature is more power full in India?

which house of the state legislate is more powerful

Alabama legislature made up of?

A 35 Memer State Senate and a 105 member House of Representatives.

What is the makeup of Vermont's legislature?

It has a 150 member House and a 30 member State Senate.

What is the number of member of the house of Representatives based on?

The population of a state.

The make up of the state legislature of Alaska is?

It has a 40 member House and a 20 member Senate.

What is the makeup of Oklahoma's state legislature?

It has a 48 member Senate and a 101 member House of Representatives.

Does every state have a member in the house of representatives?

Every state has at least one representative.

What is the makeup of the Virginia State Legislature?

The General Assembly with a 40 member Senate and a 100 member House of Delegates.