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Barack Obama of coure

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Q: Who is the most unique president?
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What are some of the electoral features that are unique to the US?

the electoral college is most likely the most unique. As it is possible to lose the popular vote for President but still win the election by the electoral college.

What can you say about the SONA of President Noynoy?

I Can Say That The SONA Of PreSiDent Noynoy Was So Unique . BaSeD On What He Said , I ReCoGNiZe That His SONA Was True / Unique .

Is most unique proper grammar?

No, "most unique" is not correct usage. "Unique" means one of a kind, so something is either unique or it is not: there cannot be different degrees of uniqueness, and something cannot be very unique or most unique. It is not uncommon to hear people say "very unique" or "most unique", but this is not correct. They should be using "unusual" if they want to use it with "very" or "most".

What is the most unique tattoo?

The most unique tattoo is one that comes from your imagination

Why was president Grover Cleveland unique?

Because he was the first and only president to serve 2 nonconsecutive terms

How is political courage unique to the president?

It is not. If we define political courage as the act of doing something without fully knowing how the populace will act or with the expectation of a negative reaction, then this is not unique to the president, nor is the president necessarily the individual who is the fullest of political courage.

What was unique about President Franklin D Roosevelt and how was it handled in public?

he had a wheelchair

What is the most unique planet?

Currently the earth is the most unique plantet known to man. This is because of me and you on this planet. Life causes it to be a unique planet.

What is the comparative and superlative of the word unique?

more and most. This vase is more unique than yours. This is the most unique vase I have ever seen.

What is the most unique ecosystem found in Arkansas?

The most unique ecosystem found in Arkansas is the Freshwater Ecosystem.

Why is unique about Franklin D. Roosevelt?

He had Polio and served 4 terms as president.

What document is the most unique to daily life?

The living bible is the most relivent and unique document in our daily lives.