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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who is the only U.S. president whose grandmother outlived him?
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Which president was the only vice president to become president without following the president for whom he served as vice-president?

Of the 14 U. S. Vice Presidents who became President, the only one whose presidency did not immediately follow his vice presidency is Richard M. Nixon. He did run for president while still the incumbent vice president, but he lost that election (1960) and did not run again for president until 8 years later. It's interesting that Nixon preceded Lyndon Johnson as vice president, but Johnson preceded Nixon as president.

What president had the middle initial of W?

George Washington and Woodrow Wilson are the only two presidents whose last name starts with 'w'.

What branch of government can prevent the President from controlling the Supreme Court?

The Legislative branch checks the President's influence over the Supreme Court because nominations to the Court can only be appointed with the "advice and consent" (simple majority vote) of the Senate. If the President and majority in Senate represent different parties, this prevents the President from nominating someone whose ideology is too extreme.

The first president of the confederacy was?

The first, and only, President of the Confederate States of America was Jefferson Davis. Jefferson Davis was the first and only president of the confederacy.

Who was the only vice president to become president that did not succeed the president he served under?

Richard Nixon was the only vice president to become president that did not succeed the president he served under.

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Did James Madison kill his wife?

Dorothea (Dolly) Payne (Todd) Madison outlived her husband, President James Madison by several years. President James Madison only married one woman, who outlived him.

How many of lincolns sons outlived their mother?

only one son made it to adulthood and that was Robert who outlived his mother by 27 years

Who is the only President to hail from Kerala?

I don't think there is a president of US whose heritage can be traced back to Kerala, India. A requirement to be a president in USA is to be born in USA.

Did all of terah's sons out live him?

No, not all of Terah's sons outlived him. Terah had three sons: Abram, Nahor, and Haran. Haran died before Terah, so only Abram and Nahor outlived him.

Is Reba mcentire a grandmother?

A step Grandmother... Her actual and only biological son is only 20 years old.

Who was the only president whose oath was administered by a women?

That was President Johnson. The woman was federal judge Sarah T. Hughes.

Whose inauguration came only 82 days after he became Vice President?

Harry Truman

Who is Winnie's Grandmother in Tuck Everlasting?

I'm pretty sure in the book she doesn't have a name.

Who was the only president to be survived by both his parents?

John F.Kennedy was the only U.S.President to be survived by both his parents.But his father Joseph died soon after hearing his son's death.His mother survived him for 4 years and died on July 22,1967. Also,Kennedy was the only president to be survived by a Grandmother,who's Maternal Grandmother died on Christmas Day in 1963.

Who are the vice president in order of succession to the presidency?

The U.S. Constitution has provided for the filling of mid-term vacancies in the U.S. Vice Presidency only since 1967. Since then only two people have become Vice President by appointment: Gerald R. Ford, whose nomination by President Nixon was confirmed by Congress on December 6, 1973, and Nelson A. Rockefeller, whose nomination by President Ford was confirmed on December 19, 1974.

Can you apply for a French passport as a New Zealand citizen with a great grandmother who was from Corsica?

It is possible only for a person whose father or mother has / had French citizenship, or under special conditions if the applicant is born in France.

What state has the same name as a famous US president whose term was during the Civil War?

No state is named after a Civil War era president. The only state named for a president is Washington State, named for our first president, George Washington.