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The below information written by someone else may or may not be true. The Vice President is the only elected officer in the federal government who has duties in two branches of government: the legislative (he/she is President of the Senate) and the executive (being VP). This can be found in Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution.


Too many to list. The most notable is probably Taft, who served as both US President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

In fact, there have been several people who have served in all 3 branches, legislative, executive & judicial, as members of the Supreme Court, members of Congress, and members of a Presidential Cabinet.

According to this site:

the list includes: John Marshall (Sec. of State, VA Rep., Chief Justice), Byrne (Sec. of State, SC Rep. & Sen), Salmon Chase (Sec. of Treasury, OH Sen., Chief Justice), Nathan Clifford (Attorney Gen., ME Rep.), and Lucius Lamar(Sec. of Interior, MS Rep. and Sen.).

The list is probably much longer if one includes the lower courts, or Officers of the United States outside of the Presidential Cabinet. For instance, Shermon Minton was a captain of the Army, Representative from IN, and SCOTUS Justice.

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Dick Cheney, at least, claims that he (at least until tomorrow) is a member of both the Executive Branch (since he is second in line to the Presidency and his position is outlined in Article II) and the Legislative Branch (because the VP presides over the Senate and has a vote in the event of a tie - and the position is also discussed in Article I). This is certainly not the traditional view of the position, however.

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Q: Who is the only elected official to serve in two branches of the government?
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