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Q: Who is the president involved in 100 duels?
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When and where was Thomas Jefferson involved in duels?

Jefferson was not involved in any duels. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were.

Which president was famous for fighting duels?


What president used to engage in duels?

Andrew Jackson .

What president had 20 duels over his wife?

Andrew Jackson

What president was in multiple duels and shot multiple times?

Andrew Jackson

Is there a cheat in duels?

there are no cheats on duels.

Was Andrew Jackson involoved in 4 duels before becoming president?

You may know more than I do about his duels, but I can only think of two, one which he instigated and in which he killed his opponent and another in which both men agreed to fire their shots into the air.

Online Harry Potter duels?

You can have duels with your friends on

When was Shadowrun Duels created?

Shadowrun Duels was created in 2003.

What southern practice did president Jackson take part in to settle disputes?

Before he was President, Jackson was engaged in several duels, killing one man and almost dying himself.

How many duels did Andrew Jackson attend?

Andrew Jackson is an interesting president in that he is subject to much folk lore. Most sources agree that Jackson participated in 13 duels over his lifetime, and killed only one man, Charles Dickinson.

When were the 2011 Gatorade Duels?

The 2011 Gatorade Duels were on February 17th.