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The speaker of the house

Improved Answer - Speaker of the House is the next person in line for the Presidency outside the Executive Branch, but not necessarily the second most powerful person in DC. The President's (White House) Chief of Staff would be the second most powerful person in Washington DC.

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Q: Who is the second most powerful person in Washington D.C. right after the president?
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Who was the first person to serve as US vice president and then as US president?

John Adams. He was V.P. under Washington and became second U.S. President.

Who was the president of second continental congress?

The president of the Second Continental Congress was Peyton Randolph.George Washington

Who was the second person to?

The second person to be US President was John Adams in 1797. The second person to be Vice President was Thomas Jefferson.

What position did john Adams hold while George Washington was president?

John Adams was the second President of the USA after George Washington.

Facts about Martha Washington?

Martha Washington was the first president in the USA and George Washington was her second husband!

When did George Washington become president of US for the second term?

Washington began his second term on March 4, 1793.

Why is the chief of staff an important asset to the president?

The White House Chief of Staff is the highest ranking member of the Executive Office of the President of the United States and a senior aide to the President. The Chief of Staff is often nicknamed 'The Second Most Powerful Man in Washington' because of the influence and access to the President

Who was the first president to serve a second term?

G Washington

When was George Washington elected to second term of president?


Who were Jefferson's presidential pedecessors?

George Washington was the first President. John Adams was the second President.

Who attended the constitutional convention?

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, around this time George Washington was President and Thomas Jefferson was gonna be the second President.

What post was George Washington fill in the second continental congress?