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The Texas Constitution allows for a sheriff in each of the 254 counties - so there is more than one sheriff in Texas.

The largest sheriff's office in Texas is the Harris County Sheriff's Office - the current sheriff is Adrian Garcia.

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The Houston County, Texas Sheriff is Darrel Bobbitt.

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Dee Anderson.

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Q: Who is the sheriff of Texas?
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Who is sheriff of Texas?

Sheriff is an office at the county level, not at the state level. Texas doesn't have a sheriff, but each of its counties does.

Who is the sheriff of Texas know?

Texas is divided into counties, each county has a Sheriff. The state law inforcement is done by the Department of Public Safety, investigation is done by the Texas Rangers.

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Who does the sheriff of a county report to?

== == In Texas, the County Sheriff is an elected position and as such does not "report to" any superior, but is instead responsible to the citizens he is sworn to serve.

Who is the Sheriff in Fort Worth Texas?

There is no Fort Worth Sheriff, however, the Fort Worth Chief of Police is Jeffrey Halstead. Fort Worth is in Tarrant County. The Tarrant County Sheriff is Dee Anderson.

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In Texas they can.

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