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The Senate decides the case. But by the time the Senate even gets the case, the impeachment has already happened. The impeachment by the House is a little like an indictment in civil law. When the House impeaches someone, they decide that there is enough evidence to bring the case to the Senate for a decision.

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Presidents are impeached by the House, but tried by the Senate. Impeaching someone is essentially charging them with a crime. The Senate then hears the trial and serves as the jury. The trial in the Senate is presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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The United States Senate

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Q: Who judges impeachment cases?
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Who can pardon federal judges?

The US President has the authority to grant pardons to federal judges for anything except impeachment. There is no pardon from impeachment.

What is impeachment cases?

What is impeachment cases? - Trying a government official for misconduct in office.

Except in impeachment cases what is the method of trial?

Except in impeachment cases, a trial by jury is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. It is not guaranteed in impeachment cases because life or liberty is not at stake.

Who holds the responsibility for trying impeachment cases?

The Senator is the judge for every impeachment cases.

What court are judges removed by impeachment only?

The Supreme Court

Who has authority to try impeachment cases?

The US Senate has the sole power to try impeachment cases for federal officials.

Congress has the power to remove unfit judges?

Only 'unfit' FEDERAL judges via a process known as impeachment.

What role does the senate have in the impeachment?

The role that the senate has in the impeachment process is sole power to try-to judge, sit as a court-in impeachment cases.

Who holds trial in impeachment cases?


What legislative body tries impeachment cases?

An impeachment starts in the House and then the trial moves to the senate.

What cases can the president not interfere with?

The president can't use judicial powers if impeachment occurs.

What impeaches cases?

What is impeachment cases? - Trying a government official for misconduct in office.