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I believe it was Martin Van Buren

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Q: Who led a political machine known as the Albany Regency was?
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Who was William marcy ''boss''tweed?

The leader of the political machine known as Tammany Hall. APEX:)))

What Tammany hall was known as?

A political machine

What was Tammany Hall known for being?

political machine

Who was William boss tween?

The leader of the political machine known as Tammany Hall

What is tammany hall an example of?

A political machine

Who was the attorney general of New York that jailed boos tweed?

The leader of political machine known as Tammany Hall (apex).

What became known as the Albany plan?

Colonial leaders met at Albany to talk about how to deal with the French forces in 1754.

What is Albany Herald most known for?

The Albany Herald is known for news reporting. It is actually a newspaper company and one of the oldest located in the Georgia, United States of America.

Who is the leader of the machine?

A "political" machine is a local or state political organization that is successfull at winning elections, in many cases by unfair use of the political process. The "machine" influences party leaders and party members and is headed by a "Boss." The boss hands out favors to keep the "members" in line and to make sure they "get out the vote" during elections. Perhaps the most famous of the American political machines was Tammany Hall, the name for the Democratic political machine run by "Boss Tweed" in the late 19th centrury. The organizational leader of a political party (like the Democrats or the Republicans) is simply known as the Chairman of the Party. MrV

What is the small area of London in the city of Westminster known for its gardens and Regency architecture?


What is the old name of Albany?

Fort Orange / Beverwyck. Source: Kayaderaserus. Not sure of Spelling

What has the author Donald A Low written?

Donald A. Low wrote a book titled "Taming the Elephant: Politics, Government, and Law in Pioneer California." He is known for his work as a historian and legal scholar specializing in the history of California.