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Priscilla of Boston . She made the dresses for both is daughter's as well as Nixon's daughters.

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Q: Who made President Johnsons daughter wedding gown?
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President James Monroe lived in the White House from 1817-1825. His 17-year-old daughter Maria Monroe married her second cousin Samuel L. Gouverneur on March 8, 1820, in the first wedding ever performed in the White House. It was a simple wedding and only family friends were invited. They spent $100.00 for candles to decorate the alter.President John Quincy Adams lived in the White House from 1825-1829. His 25-year old son John Adams II was married to Mary Catherine Hellen on February 25, 1828. True to the fantasies Mary Hellen must have held since age thirteen, the second White House wedding was almost a recreation of the Maria Monroe experiencePresident Ulysses S. Grant lived in the White House from 1869-1877. His daughter Nelie Grant married Algernon Sartoris, a European nobleman, on May 21, 1874. She wore a $10,000 wedding gown, and the bridegroom carried a bouquet of roses in his arms during the ceremony. Although only 200 guests attended, it was a most distinguished gathering of people, and the most elaborate wedding ever performed at the White House. After the wedding Grant was found in his room crying. He thought his 20-year-old daughter was too young to marry.President Theodore Roosevelt lived in the White House from 1901 - 1909. His daughter Alice Longworth married Representative Nicholas Longworth in 1906. He became Speaker of the House in 1925. It was the most fabulous wedding ever performed at the White House. More than 700 people were invited and the bride and groom escaped the crowds after the wedding by climbing out a back window of the White House.President Woodrow Wilson lived in the White House from 1913-1921. His 25-year-old daughter Eleanor "Nellie" Wilson married Secretary of the Treasury William McAdoo on May 7, 1914 at the White House. Overnight she became a Cabinet officer's wife in her father's own administration.President Lyndon Johnson lived in the White house from 1963-1969. His 19-year-old daughter Luci Baines Johnson married Patrick John Nugent in 1966 to at a high-profile wedding at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.President Richard Nixon lived in the White House from 1969 to 1974. His 25-year-old daughter Tricia Nixon married Edward Finch Cox (a Harvard law student) on June 12, 1971 in the Rose Garden at the White House. This wedding took place after Nixon was elected president, but before he took office, so he was not yet living at the White House.*(Note: President Nixon's 20-year-old daughter Julie Nixon married David Eisenhower on December 22, 1968 at the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City. This wedding took place after Nixon was elected president, but before he took office, so he was not yet living at the White House.)President George H. W. Bush lived in the White House from 1989-1993. His 33-year-old daughter Dorothy Bush married Robert P. Koch on June 26, 1992 at Camp David. Dorothy divorced her first husband and kept her second wedding very quite. The media learned about it after the event.President George W. Bush lived in the White House from 2001-2009. His 25-year-old daughter Jenna Bush was married to Henry Hager on May 10, 2008. As the President's daughter she could have been married at the White House, but the White House had never been her home. When the President and Mrs. Bush moved into the White House in 2001, Jenna Bush was in school at the University of Texas. She and her twin sister, Barbara, were never part of the Washington scene. And so, she chose a place where she felt most comfortable - the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Texas.

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