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Salmon P. Chase

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The very first dollar bill was made in 1862 with the portrait of Salmon P. Chase. Salmon P. Chase was the Treasury Secretary under President Abraham Lincoln.

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there is no 1000000 bill

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Q: Who made the first one dollar bill?
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Is a one dollar bill and one hundred dollar bill made of the same material?

All US bills are made of the same material.

Who made first dollar bill?

There is no one person that made the first dollar bill. It was a group effort, between the designers, engravers, die makers, press operators, paper makers, and many other people that contributed to the effort.

When did the 100 dollar bill come out?

The first One dollar bill came off the presses in 1957 in its present Design.

What is the highest dollar bill made in circulation?

The one hundred.

What president is on the million dollar bill?

The US never made one million dollar bills.

When was he put on the one dollar bill?

The portrait of George Washington, which is featured on the one-dollar bill, was first introduced in 1869. However, the current design of the one-dollar bill, including Washington's portrait, has been in circulation since 1963.

What presidentsare on a dollar and a coin?

Washington is on the one dollar bill, quarters and the first Presidential 2007 dollar coin.

Whose face was on the first one dollar bill?

The first dollar bill, a United States Note released in 1862, had a picture of then secretary of the treasury, Salmon P. Chase on it.

How much are 2 dollar?

Anywhere from $2 for 99.9% of 2 dollar bills, but a brand new one from 1899 is about $3,000. plus i saw the first 2 dollar bill ever made for sale for $1,000,00.

Is a zillion dollar bill fake?

No, it's not really fake nor counterfeit at all, because no one has made a fake zillion dollar bill!

Who's on America's dollar?

George Washington, the United States first president, is on the one dollar bill.

Who is on the dollor bill?

No one is on a "dollor" bill. The first president of the United States of America, George Washington is on the U.S. One DollAr Bill.