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The SMLE was approved for service in 1902. British production was at Enfield Lock, London Small Arms, Birmingham Small Arms and Standard Small Arms (later the National Rifle Factory). The last British rifles were made at BSA in 1944. They were also produced in Australia at the Lithgow factory up until the mid 1950's and at India's Ishapore factory until 1988 (!). I've read that a few were made in Nepal but the info on these is a little hazy. Additionally, there are a number of locally manufactured copies from the Khyber Pass region of Afghanistan floating around lately. The quality of these copies is such that they're considered unsafe to fire.

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Q: Who made the short magazine lee enfield?
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What rifles did Britain use in World War 2?

Short Magazine Lee Enfield No. 4, Mk I Short Magazine Lee Enfield No. 1, Mk III Enfield Pattern 15 M1917 (Home Guard use only) M1 Garand (limited usage) M1 carbine (limited usage)

What does SMLE stand for?

S-short rifle M-magazine fed L-lee E-enfield

Which design of rifle was used by diggers in World War 1?

The SMLE. Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle. Picture above.

What is the best bolt action rifle in the world?

Short Magazine Lee Enfield. Hands down, the king of all the bolt action battle rifles.

Is there such gun as an enfield?

"Enfield" refers to the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, United Kingdom, and the name "Enfield" is applied to small arms manufactured or designed by the Royal Small Arms Factory (even if they didn't come specifically from the Enfield factory). There are several models of pistols and rifles which bear the name "Enfield", the most famous of which is the Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle.

Is there any guns that start with e and what are they?

Erma EMP.35. A German submachinegun from the 1930s with a side mounted magazine. The 'Elf' is a Ukranian-made submachinegun which fires the 9x18 Makarov cartridge, and the magazine feeds through the pistol grip in a similar manner to the Uzi. Eagle Arms is a US firearms manufacturer, and the parent company of Armalite. Enfield is a name commonly used to describe firearms manufactured in the United Kingdom at the Enfield Arsenal. Weapons manufactured at Enfield include the Enfield revolvers, Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle, the BREN light machine gun, and the Enfield EM-2. The Pattern 14 Enfield rifle was manufactured under contract for the Enfield armory.

When did the British army stop using the Lee Enfield rifles?

They used the MLE (Magazine Lee-Enfield) version from 1895-1907 And they started using the SMLE (Short Magazine Lee-Enfied version in 1907 and still use it. There are various versions of the SMLE firing different calibre and such. They are also a popular hunting and competition rifle now. <><><><><> The Enfield No4 Mk 1 was replaced as a standard service rifle by the L1A1 about 1954. However, some are still in use today for special purposes.

What Lee-Enfield oiler would have originally accompanied a No 5 Mk 1 jungle carbine rifle?

See the link below for a short treatise (with photos) on the various Lee Enfield oilers.

How much is the british 303 enfield worth?

$50 to over $1000. You didn't give any specifics to help narrow it down. All we know is that it's a rifle in .303 British service... presumably, it's probably going to be a Short Magazine Lee Enfield, but we don't know the specific model, what country it was manufactured in (SMLEs were manufactured in many countries), or even if it is an SMLE.. it could be a Lee-Metford, it could be an Enfield Pattern 14 rifle, for all we know, it could even be a Canadian-made Ross rifle.

What guns did England use in the war 1?

The standard issue weapons were... Webley revolver in .455 Webley Short Magazine Lee Enfield No. 1 Mk III in 7.7x56R (.303 British) Enfield P'14 in 7.7x56R (.303 British) Vickers machine gun in 7.7x56R (.303 British)

What is the 303 smle rifle mean?

303 was the .303 inch diameter bullet that was fired by the Short Magazine Lee Enfield- or SMLE. Standard rifle of the British military from 1907 to the1960s, and still in limited use today.

Where was the Lee-Enfield Rifle with the serial number U16780 made?

It will be marked on the weapon itself as to who made it.