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Evidence is a key factor in deciding whether a person is guilty of a serious crime. Ultimately, a judge and jury will decide the punishment.

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Q: Who makes the decision of whether a person can be accused of a serious crime?
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Can i lawsuit the person that accused me?

It depends whether they reported you to the police and what they accused you of.

A person accused of a serious crime does NOT have what?

immunity from the death penalty

What is a formal device by which a person may be accused of a serious federal crime?

An INDICTMENT by a Federal Grand Jury.

Does a not guilty verdict mean the person was innocent?

A jury or court finds that the accused is not guilty, in reality the accused may not innocent.

Which amendment says a person cannot be accused of a serious crime going before a grand jury?

5th amendment

Which decision by the Warren court determined that the state must provide a lawyer to a person accused of a crime who cannot?

Gideon v. wainwright

Should i accept her apology?

Whether to accept an apology is a personal decision that depends on your feelings towards the person and the situation. Consider whether the apology is genuine and if you believe the person has taken responsibility for their actions. Trust your instincts and feelings to guide you in your decision.

How does the Aztec legal system protect the rights of a person accused of a crime?

In the Aztec legal system, a person accused of a crime had the right to a fair trial by presenting evidence and witnesses in their defense. They also had the opportunity to confess and seek atonement for their actions. Punishments were proportionate to the crime committed, and the accused had the right to appeal a decision to higher authorities.

Why is suicide serious?

It is because any act of life being lost, whether it's an outside source or a person's own hands, is serious.

What do you do if your boss takes no responsibility for serious mistakes and you are blamed when he or she is at fault?

If a person is being wrongfully accused or blamed it is important to gather evidence. Gather proof that it was the boss, and not the person and present it to their boss.

Does a person accused of a serious crime need to be indicted by a Grand Jury before being tried in a court of law?

It depends on the legislation of the country involved.

What does an accused perpetrator mean?

Perpetrator means "the person that did the deed." You are being accused of being the person that did "it."