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who is in charge of Russia

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The Duma

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Q: Who makes the laws in Russia?
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The philosophes influenced Catherine the Great's?

Proposal on reforms to Russia's Laws

How do laws get allowed in russia?

they dont

Branch that makes laws?

branch that makes laws

Who makes the laws and rules?

mom makes rule laws makes government

Who makes the laws in Fiji?

The Government makes the laws in Fiji.

Who actually makes the laws in America?

Congress makes the laws.

Where can i find the laws for running for president in russia if not born in russia.?

To be a president of Russian Federation you should be born in Russia or USSR

What does the legislative do (with laws)?

it makes laws

Who makes laws for your city and witch branch?

the government does for the who makes laws for your city.

Who makes laws for the whole nations?

Congress makes the laws for the whole Nation! :)

How is Russia cool?

Because the people are awesome which makes Russia awesome

What branch of the government makes laws?

legislativeThe Legislative branch of the government makes the laws.