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The US Constitution gives the House of Representativessole authority to begin impeachment proceedings. If a simple majority of the House votes to impeach, the Senate holds a removal trial.

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Impeachment process is started by Congress & official is then tried by the Senate in a simple majority vote.

President's Nixon and Clinton are the only modern presidents to face a vote, and both were unsuccessful: Nixon's due to his resigning and then being pardoned by President Ford, Clinton's by the Senate voting in favour of him retaining his seat.

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Q: Who may initiate impeachment procedures?
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What is the senates impeachment power?

Impeachment is a formal process in which an elected official is accused of unlawful activity.which may or may not lead to the removal of that official from office.

What government institution that can initiate the impeachment of presidency?

The Senate and House of Representatives are government institutions which can initiate the impeachment of the president. This is an extreme measure which requires complete backing by both.

Procedures to maintain contact with your networks?

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Who will initiate impeachment and how many votes required?

The senate president,as many as votes get to the whole courtroom.

The impeachment procedures is an example of what?

It is one of the checks and balances of power provided in the US Constitution.

Which branch of congress brought impeachment procedures against President Clinton?

An Impeachment procedure against a federal government official can only be made by the House of Representatives and so it was with Clinton,

Is it possible to run a Governor out of office?

Yes, it is possible to remove a governor from office through various means, depending on the specific jurisdiction's rules and regulations. This can include impeachment, recall elections, or resignation under pressure from public outcry or political pressure. Each state or country may have its own specific procedures for removing a governor from office.

In impeachment seatings the house may?

Impeachment starts in the House, but the hearings are held in the Senate.

What does the senate do that the house cannot?

The House of Representatives initiates bills for raising revenue and all impeachment proceedings. The Senate is not permitted to do either. In the matter of revenue bills, it may make changes in bills raised and passed in the House and send them back to the House for re-consideration, but these changes are more like suggestions. The Senate may not initiate impeachment proceedings, but it serves as the jury for the trial of the person who has been impeached.

By whom is the impeachment process started?

AnswerIn US politics, on the basis of the process designated by the US Constitution, the legislative branch may initiate an impeachment proceeding by bringing together a special vote and the motion must carry with 2/3 of both the house and senate.Only the House of Representatives has the power to impeach federal officials.AnswerThe US Constitution gives the House of Representativessole authority to begin impeachment proceedings. If a simple majority of the House votes to impeach, the Senate holds a removal trial.

The President may be removed from office if what occurs?


What is the role of the house of representatives in impeaching a president?

The House of Representatives brings charges, indicts (in DITES) or impeaches a president. It is only an accusation. The Senate's job is to convict the president and sentence him or her. Several presidents have been impeached, but none have ever been convicted.