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Charlotte Dymond was murdered in Cornwall in 1844. Although one writer about her death, Pat Munn, argues that she committed suicide, most investigators agree that Matthew Weeks was the murderer. He was hanged for the crime on August 12, 1844.

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Q: Who murdered Charlotte dimond?
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Why was Charlotte murdered by Matthew weeks?

Charlotte was murdered because Matthew had found out Charlotte was cheating on him with Thomas Prout and Charlotte was supposedly pregnant with Thomas' child so Matthew murdered her so she could never have Thomas' child

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The Tuesday after she was murdered/found missing

How did Charlotte Dymond die?

She was murdered by her boyfriend, Matthew Weeks,when they were going out.

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Who were Charlotte Dymonds two boyfriends?

Charlotte Dymond's two surposed boyfriends were Matthew and Thomas. There is a dispute on which one of them murdered her. Matthew was killed for it but there never was any hard proof.

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