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It was George Washington who volunteered to lead men in battle for the relief of Boston. George Washington served as the 1st U.S. President.

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George Washington

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George Washinton

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Q: Who offered to lead men in battle for the relief of Boston?
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What event did the battle of concord lead to?

It really wasn't much of a Battle there at Concord. However, a few Minutemen contronted some British soldiers and fired and killed some of them. This was the first time that the Americans inflicted casualties against the British. The British forces began their return trip to protection of Boston and more and more Minutemen began to come out and fire at the retreating British. This continued all day along the road back to Boston. This ignited the American Revolution into a full-scale war.

In the 13 0riginal Colonies where did Revolutionary war begin?

The first victory, and the first battle, for the Colonialists was in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. It was here that the Colonies formed up Patriots to fight against the British on their march from Lexington. They eventually pushed the British back to the safety of Charlestown which would later lead to the siege of Boston.

How did the coercive acts lead to colonial unity?

Parliament passed four acts in 1774 aimed specifically at what was seen as the hotbed of rebellion, Boston.

Why were the Colonists unhappy with England?

The taxes that England imposed on the colonies, such as tarriffs on tea and other such goods led to the Boston tea party (the dumping of tea into the Boston harbor) which indefinetly lead to the revolutionary war.

What was the importance of the Battle of Long Island?

The defeat at Long Island forced the Americans into New Jersey, but they managed to escape with enough material to continue the war.

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Who offers to lead the battle for the relief of Boston?

George Washinton

Events leading up to the battle of Saratoga?

Two events that lead up to the Battle of Saratoga were the Stamp Act and the Boston Massacre. The first Battle of Saratoga directly followed the Battle of Brandywine.

Did the Boston Massacre lead up to the Reolutionary war?

No, the Boston massacre only raised tempers in the colonies further. The battle of Lexington and Concord were the first major battles that sort of started it all.

What group formed in Boston to lead oppsition to the act?

The angry colonist was the group formed in Boston to lead opposite to the act

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Harold Godwinson lead the Saxon army to the battle of Hastings.

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How lead the Boston tea party?

Paul Revere and Samuel Adams lead the Boston tea party. They also were dressed up like mohawk Indians.