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jwahar lal nehru

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Q: Who oppose the entry of political parties to the local bodies election?
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What political parties did the democratic republicans oppose?


Which of the following political parties did the Democratic-Republicans oppose?


Why did George Washington advise against political parties?

Why was Jefferson opposed against polictical parties? Actually it was Washington who was opposed to political parties. Jefferson helped start a new party to oppose the Federalist. Jefferson was in essence in favor of them instead of opposed to them.

Who was the opponent party for Barack Obama in his election?

In the US system there are two main parties that oppose one another at elections, the Republicans and the Democrats. Barack Obama is a Democrat.

What political party was James Monroe?

James Monroe's political party was Democratic- Republican. He belonged to the party of Jefferson and Madison which grew up to oppose the Federalists of Adams. Monroe's sedond election was virtually the last of its influence.

Did Taft oppose direct election of senators?


Did roger taney oppose Zachary Taylor in the election of 1848?


What political party arose to oppose Jackson and his followers?

The Whigs

What is Iran's party system?

There are a great number of political parties in Iran. Any party is allowed to operate as long as it does not oppose the religious leaders of the country. A few of the parties that currently exist are the Islamic Coalition Party, the Iranian Nation's Welfare Party, and the Freedom Party of Iran.

Which party was formed by people who oppose slavery and to support the election of Abraham Lincoln?

the Republican Party

What political party arose the oppose Jackson and his followers?

whig party

What are political radicals who oppose all government called?

Anarchists. This however not quite correct, anarchists recognise the need for local government, but oppose any government above that level.