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In 1772, partly in reaction to the Boston Massacre (1770), the citizens of Boston met in a special town meeting to create a Committee of Correspondence. The leaders of the group were Samuel Adams and James Warren of Plymouth. The idea for setting up the Committees of Correspondence probably came from Mercy Warren, the sister of James Otis, who was Warren's wife. Mercy Warren was an eager rebel who often lent her pen to the cause, writing plays that poked fun at British officials.

The purpose for the Committees of Correspondence was to help people in other colonies stay in contact with the Boston rebels. They could exchange ideas, coordinate plans, and reinforce one another's efforts. By the end of 1773, the network extended throughout New England and began to function as shadow governments within the colonies.

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Samuel Adams

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Q: Who organized the committees of correspondance?
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What year did the committees of correspondance?

It form on the year 1772.

What effects of the committee of correspondance have on colonies?

The committees of correspondence were what began the Revolution. These were committees in which people of the colonies got together to discuss independence.

What were the underground networks of communication and propaganda established by Samuel Adams that sustained colonial resistance called?

The underground networks of communication and propaganda were called Committees of Correspondence. They were established by Samuel Adams to sustain colonial resistance.

What year was committees of correspondance?

The ones connected directly to the First Continental Congress (September 1774) and the Revolutionary War (April 1775) were formed in 1772 and 1773. Earlier committees had been formed in response to the Stamp Act in 1764.

Boston lawyer who organized the committees of correspondence?

Samuel Adams!

Who was responsible for the establishment of the committees of correspondence?

Samuel Adams, along with Dr. Joseph Warren, formed one of the earliest committees in the years immediately preceding the Revolutionary War. They began in Boston in 1772.

The committees of correspondence were patriot groups organized in each colony to information?


Who was the man who led the independence movement in Massachusetts and organized the committees of correspondence?

Samuel Adams

What has the senate organized in order to handle it's large workload?


Where do ideas for bills come from?

US Citizen, organized groups, congressional committees, members of Congress, and the president.

Committees organized to keep the colonies informed of events by writing letters?

The Committees of Correspondence were formed for the purpose of keeping the colonies informed. They were created by the Patriot leaders.

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