Who owns century 21?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Apollo Management, a New York Private Equity Company.

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Q: Who owns century 21?
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Who owns century 21 real estate company?

Century 21 Real Estate isn't actually owned by a single entity in the traditional sense. It operates as a franchise under the ownership of Anywhere Real Estate, formerly Realogy Holdings Corp [Century 21 Real Estate LLC, About Us]. Anywhere Real Estate is a major player in real estate franchising, but Century 21 itself consists of a network of independently owned and operated brokerage offices. These offices function under the Century 21 brand and utilize their systems and branding, but they operate as separate businesses.

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You can find a Century 21 mortgage directly at the Century 21 website. It is important, to obtain a credit report, before you apply for a mortgage at Century 21.

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