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National Park Service

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Q: Who paid for the Gateway Arch?
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Where would you find the Gateway Arch?

The Gateway arch is in St Louis, Missouri

Why do they call it the gateway arch?

Because it IS an arch.

What is the tallest arch in the world?

the gateway arch

How old is the gateway arch?

The Gateway Arch was completed in late 1965.

Why did they invent the gateway arch?

for fun and for the gateway to the west

Why was the gateway arch chosen to be in St. Louis?

Well its called the Gateway Arch and St. Louis is the Gateway to the West theres your answer hope its useful!

How long is the arch in the Gateway Arch?

630 ft

Who built the gateway arch?

Eero Saarinen built the gateway arch in 1987

In what city would you find the Gateway Arch?

St. Louis You would find the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Is Gateway Arch a proper noun?

Yes, the term Gateway Arch is a proper noun, the name of a specific thing.

In what state is gateway arch?

The Gateway Arch is located in Missouri. Specifically, it is situated in the city of St. Louis.

What is the tallest arch in the US?

The Gateway Arch in St Louis