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The house of commons passed the declaratory act on the 18th of march 1766

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Q: Who passed the declaratory act?
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What act was passed after the stamp act?

declaratory act

When was Declaratory Act passed?


What was repealed the day the declaratory act was passed?

The Stamp Act

What act was passed by Parliament along with repeal of the Stamp Act?

The Declaratory Act

When was the Declaratory Act passed?

In 1766 by the Parliament of Great Britain.

Who passed the Declaratory Act regarding the making laws for the colonies?


What is significance of the declaratory act?

The act was eventually repealed by Parliament.

In the Act of 1766 the Parliament once again stated that it had the power to make the laws for the colonies?

Declaratory Act

Which act gave parliament the supreme control to govern the colonies?

The Declaratory Act is the act that gave parliament the supreme control to govern the colonies. The reason parliament passed the stamp act was to raise money in the colonies to pay the costs of defending them.

What is the year of repeal of stamp act?

On March 18, 1766, the Parliament of Great Britain repealed the Stamp Act and passed the Declaratory Act.

Repeal of Stamp Act and passage of Declaratory Act?

Parliament agreed to repel the Stamp Act on one condition, the colonists had to agree to the Declaratory Act being passed, which gave Parliament full power and authority to make and pass laws. The colonists happily accepted, glad to be free of the Stamp Act and many ignored the Declaratory Act, despite their agreement.

What act claiming that british parliament had the power to legislate for the colonies?

Declaratory act.