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I would say that the person or company who hired the financial advisors would be responsible for paying for them. Any decent financial advisor will have a contract to be signed before they begin work, and in it the fees should be clearly spelled out.

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Q: Who pays the financial advisers?
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How many financial advisers are in US?

In the wake of the financial crisis the number of financial advisers declined as many people decided to stay away from stocks. Another factor contributing to the decline in the ranks of financial advisers was the move away from actively managed stock funds to passively invested index funds. It is estimated that there are currently about 315,000 financial advisers in the United States.

Who is better a financial planner or a financial advisor?

Almost all financial planners are financial advisers, but not all financial advisers are financial planners. Both of them must be a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Financial planners are the ones who deal with financial tools to evaluate all areas of financial life including your savings, investments, retirements, taxes and estate planning, and help you to make a plan.. While for financial advisers, they are the ones who recommend things about your financial stature and help you to reach your financial goals.

What do you do when you win the lottery?

You get at least three financial advisers

Where can you go to find a financial adviser?

Financial advisers can be found online. Another alternative is to find them by the word of mouth. Also, check flyers and newspapers as they have a lot of advertisements on financial advisers. Radio helps too.

The largest financial advisers are monitored by the?

Securities and Exchange Commission

Do financial advisors get paid through a broker?

Financial Advisers actually get paid by a clown! They are so lucky!

What are the advantages of a financial manager?

An advantage of having a financial manager is the ability to get advice on finances from a professional. Financial advisers can also help families get on a budget.

Where is the best place to get independent financial advice?

At some point in our lives we need some independent financial advice. Many brokers and insurance agents call themselves financial advisers. Plan to interview at least three different financial advisers and carefully choose by determining their qualifications, experience, credentials and licenses. Banks also offer independent financial advice.

What are some jobs that involve probability?

Actuaries, Mathematicians, Scientists, Financial Advisers, Physicians

Where is the best place to find financial advisers?

The traditional place to find the best financial advisers is at a bank. Bank employees are highly trained to give the best advise. Financial advisers can also be accessed through citizen services.

What services does UBS online provide?

UBS online mainly provides financial advice. They have financial advisers as well as financial attorneys that can help you with various aspects of your financial problems and questions.

How do you get a roth IRA?

You have to go to a securities licensed financial expert to set up an IRA :banks , financial advisers investment firms , etc.