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Terry O'Quinn is john Locke on "Lost". He has been in movies such as "The Cutting Edge".

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Q: Who played John Locke on Lost?
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What is Locke's full name in Lost?

"John Locke" is Locke's full name in the TV show "Lost."

What was john Locke's disability?

The philosopher John Locke? Unknown.The Character John Locke on "Lost"? He was paralyzed after his birth father pushed him out of a window.

Who dies in season 4 of lost?

john locke

In lost season five who is in the coffin?

John Locke

What causes the popularity of Backgammon?

John Locke from ABC's hit TV show LOST.

In the TV series LOST does Locke die?

John Locke dies. Benjamin Linus strangles him to death then makes it look like a suicide.

Who believed that all men are born free and are basically good?

john Locke

What are the names of John Locke's parents?

John and Anne Locke.

What was John Locke's country?

John Locke was from England.

Which American founder base their new governments on the ideas of this enlightenment philosopher?

john Locke

Who was John Locke married to?

John Locke never married. Locke's father, who was also named John Locke, was a country lawyer.

What did john Locke did for the US government?

well, hes a character on a tv show (LOST) so nothing.