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They were both portrayed in images crossing the Delaware. "General" Jones was compared with humor to George Washington. Gen. Jones was the leader of a group of suffragists who walked from Long Island to Wash DC. and also Albany. They picked up more suffragists as they went along. It drew lots of attention to the suffrage cause. "Gen. Jones crossing the Delaware" cartoon by James Donahey after Leutze, showing General Rosalie Jones, leader of the New York State Suffrage participants, standing up in boat. 191

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Rosalie Jones was a women's suffrage activist. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, a newspaper, published a cartoon portraying her crossing the Delaware River, as George Washington had previously done. This portrayal spoke to her bravery.

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What were George Washington and Rosalie Jones are portrayed as?

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Q: Who portrayed George Washington and Rosealie Jones?
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