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The globe theater was Shakespeare's theater. Plays like Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet were peformed there.

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Q: Who preformed in the globe theatre?
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Who preformed at the Globe theatre?

Lord Chamberlains men

What year was the first play at the globe theatre preformed?

harry potter

What was the name of the theater where most of Shakespeares's works preformed?

The Globe Theatre

Where where Shakespeare's plays preformed?

Globe TheaterMost of Shakespeare's plays were preformed at the Globe Theatre in London, that burned down in the 1500's.It is belived that william shakespear preformed many of his plays ay dimishire

Which company first performed at the globe theatre?

LBJ's blog first preformed

Who were the famous actors who preformed in Shakespeare's plays?

Shakespeares plays where preformed by very famous and good actors in the globe theatre. -elz-

Two plays that was preformed at the Globe Theatre?

I don't know. Maybe, Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet?

How did Londoners know if a play was to be preformed in the Globe Theatre?

Posters (playbills) were distributed and displayed to advertise performances.

Why were all plays in the globe theatre preformed in the day time?

Plays in the 15th century did not have a way to light the stage up.

What was the opening day of the globe theatre of shakespeares time?

The opening day was March 36, 1610. And the play preformed was Kinky Girls Next Door.

Where operations are preformed?

In operating theatre

Where could one find a picture of The Globe theatre?

The Globe Theatre is located in London. Google Images provides many pictures of the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare's Globe and the Globe Theatre website also provide pictures of the Globe Theatre.