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The Declaration of Independence was not really published, but it was signed. If you take it that way, the Continental Congress published it.

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Q: Who published the Declaration of Independence?
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When was the Declaration of Independence finally published?

the Declaration of Independence was finally published, on the Fourth of July, 1776

What happened after the declaration of independence had been published in the Independence Hall?

What does the Declaration of Independence mean

What year was the US founded?

The United States was founded on July 4, 1776, when the colonies published the Declaration of Independence.

Where did they sign the declaration if independence?

October of 1776. It was published in July, but not signed and approved until October.

When the Second Continental Congress reviewed the Declaration of Independence it?

The Declaration was published in July, but Congress didn't approve it until October.

On what date was the resolution for independence voted and approved?

On July 2nd, the Second Continental Congress approved a movement for independence from Britain. This congress would later adopt the Declaration of Independence.

What year was the ratification of the Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration of Independence is not a governing document (i.e. it isn't law), and therefore was never (and could never be) "ratified". It was adopted by Congress and published in 1776.

What year did the declaration of indepence was published?

The Declaration of Independence was written on July 4, 1776, and the first printed copy was completed by the next day.

What caused colonists to call themselves Patriots or Loyalists?

The Declaration of Independence

This document called for the colonists' independence from England?

The Declaration of Independence

What was the first document posted?

the declaration of independence the declaration of independence the declaration of independence

How did Thomas Paine's Common Sense help Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Paine's publication of Common Sense called for a manifesto to be published explaining why the American Colonies were forced to break ties with Britain. That manifesto was later published and is known as the Declaration of Independence. While Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence, there is some evidence that Paine contributed significantly to its writing.