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Carrie Nation.

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Q: Who raided bars and saloons with an axe in support of temperance?
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What where the women Christian temperance movement trying to change?

The Women's Christian Temperance Movement (WCT) was a group of women in the early 1900's attempting to make the consumption, sale, or making of alcohol illegal. It was founded by Carry Nation who was very anti-immigrant. At the time Irish were the number one immigrants in america bringing there drinking habits with them. Nation and her followers would walk into bars and saloons with an axe and completely destroy the whole place while reading verses from the bible. From 1900-1917, 1/2 of all US States prohibited alcohol. By 1920, 100% of all states adapted the 18th amendment making alcohol illegal. It would remain illegal until 1933 when it was made legal again by the 21st amendment.

Who tended to be supporters of prohibition why did they support it?

Prohibition of alcohol was mostly supported by women; the main organization that worked to enact Prohibition was the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Women often had terrible problems because their husbands, whom the women depended upon to support their families, would often spend all their money on drinks in bars, instead of bringing it home to be used to pay the rent, buy food, etc. It was believed that the best solution to this problem was to simply prohibit the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages. Of course, this solution did not work as planned.

What events took place in 1998?

January 1 - Smoking is banned in all California bars and restaurants.

What is Fort Knox?

Fort Knox is commonly known as the United States Bullion Depository. It is where all the gold bars that were once used to back paper money are stored. Fort Knox is commonly known as the United States Bullion Depository. It is where all the gold bars that were once used to back paper money are stored.

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Why ms carry nation carried an axe?

She founded the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and used her axe to smash up bars and saloons.

What is a sentence using the word fanatical?

Extremists can be fanatical in their actions in a chosen cause. The temperance leader Carrie Nation was considered fanatical after she began using a hatchet to damage bars and saloons.

What capital has no saloons or bars?

Santa Fe

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Illegal bars that sold bootlegged alcohol were called...?

they were called saloons back then!

What were bars called in the old times?

Well, in Western movies they're called Saloons.

What did the American Temperance Society work to improve?

Family life in general. Bars and saloons served as central locations for prostitutes. Men who frequented them brough social diseases home to their wives, some were passed on to children. Alcoholism was also considered a problem and it was common for drunken men to return home and beat their wives and children.

What was the role of a saloon?

Saloons in the 1920's was a major role in the 1920's. The saloon was what we would call as today a bar. Where people danced, partied, and drank.. AGAINTS the Prohibition law. Many of the saloons where Boot legging saloons ( or illegal bars or illegal drinking.) HOPE THIS HELPS YA... G. (:

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Who was Frances willard?

Frances Willard lived from 1839-1898. She was very active in America's women's suffrage movement, trying to get women the right to vote and expanding their opportunities in society. But she is best known for her work in the temperance movement: she was the founder of the WCTU (Women's Christian Temperance Union), an organization whose main goal was to ban alcohol. It was her belief that drinking was the cause of most of the social problems in the United States, and her organization actively campaigned to close saloons (as bars used to be called) and to make it illegal to drink alcoholic beverages. She was a major influence in the ultimate passage of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, making alcohol illegal-- the so-called Prohibition amendment.