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The Socialist candidate Eugene V. Debs made four tries at the Office: In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt beat him, in 1908 William Taft won, in 1912 Woodrow Wilson obtained the Office and in 1920 Warren Harding became the President. Debs never won an Electoral Vote.

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Q: Who ran the most times running for president without winning?
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How many times was a US president elected without winning the popular vote?

Four...John Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and AlGore.

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How do you become president in the US?

People become President of the US by running in an election (which is held every four years) and winning. But before they get to be president, they usually have a career in politics, in which they start from a lesser position. They first might get elected to be mayor of a city, then a governor of a state, or a senator or a representative in congress. In modern times, it is highly unusual for someone to come out of nowhere and be elected president.

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How many times has a candidate won the electoral college vote without also winning the popular vote?


Why did they allow roosevelt to be the president four times?

There were no term limits at the time, so he was allowed to continue running.

What is a presidential blog?

A blog that covers information about the president of a country or information about those running for office in times of elections.

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One way Nixon became president was by launching a prominent television advertising campaign. He ran for president three times, losing the first election, and winning the second time and his reelection. He was the 37th President of the US from 1969 until his resignation in 1974.

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