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Godiva Chocolatier had the honor of ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on February 14, 2008. It was done to honor their Valentine's Day promotions that year.

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Q: Who rang the opening bell at the stock exchange on February 142008?
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What is the informal name of the UK stock exchange?

London stock exchange is the informal name of the United Kingdom's stock exchange. The stock exchange is located at Paternoster Square.

When was the American stock exchange established?


Functions of research department?

Stock Broking: The business and process of dealing in securities on a stock exchange. A stock broker in other words is a regulated professional who buys and sells shares and other securities through market makers on behalf of investors. A transaction on a stock exchange must be made between two members of the exchange an ordinary person may not walk into the Exchange (Bombay Stock Exchange for example), and ask to trade stock. Such an exchange must be done through a broker. There are three types of services which are performed by a Stock Broker: Execution only, which means that the broker will only carry out the client's instructions to buy or sell Advisory dealing, where the broker advises the client on which shares to buy and sell, but leaves the final decision to the investor. Discretionary dealing, where the stockbroker ascertains the client's investment objectives and then makes all dealing decisions on the client's behalf.

What happened in 1817?

An important event that happened in 1817 was Mississippi becoming a state. The Second Bank of the United States opened in this year as well, and the New York Stock Exchange was created.

How long has the American stock market been trading stocks?

The American stock market NASDAQ which stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations was founded on 4th February 1971. It has a normal trading session of 9:30am to 4:00pm.

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How can you watch the opening bell of the nyse?

Well...Wall street...the stock exchange building.

When does the opening bell ring at the New York Stock Exchange?

The bell rings at 9:30 am.

What is the opposite of COB close of business?

"Start of business" is the expression used for the opening of a Stock Exchange.

Number of stock exchanges in India and name them?

There are 23 Stock Exchanges in India. Apart from the NSE and the BSE, the other stock exchanges are: * Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Association Ltd. * Bangalore Stock Exchange * Bhubaneshwar Stock Exchange Association. * Calcutta Stock Exchange * Cochin Stock Exchnage Ltd. * Coimbatore Stock Exchange * Delhi Stock Exchange Association * Guwahati Stock Exchange Ltd. * Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd. * Jaipur Stock Exchange Ltd * Kanara Stock Exchange Ltd * Ludhiana Stock Exchange Association Ltd * Madras Stock Exchange * Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange Ltd. * Mangalore Stock Exchange Limited * Meerut Stock Exchange Ltd. * Mumbai Stock Exchange * National Stock Exchange India * OTC Exchange of India * Pune Stock Exchange Ltd. * Uttar pradesh Stock Exchange Association * Vado dara Stock Exchange Ltd.

How many stock exchanges are there in India in 2011?

For some reason, two, the NSE and the BSE. NSE is the National Stock Exchange, BSE is the Bombay Stock Exchange. A Stock Exchange is the place where investors go to buy/sell their shares. You know what an Equity share is. Pls refer to Equity Sharesfor more details. Once a company's public offering is complete, it gets listed in a stock exchange. After listing it would be available for trading to all investors in the stock exachanges where they are listed. In India we have two major stock exchanges. They are: 1. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) & 2. The Bombay Stock Exchanges (BSE)

Opening and closing stock prices?

I do not have an answer, I need to find out how it is solved. I will use that answer in choosing my stocks to buy and sell.

What happens during the opening session of the new york stock exchange?

The bell rings and the traders and floormen clap.

Name of different stock exchanges of world?

Yes, there are many 'Stock Exchanges' in the world. e.g. Dow Jones (Wall Street), Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), London Stock Exchange (FTSE). There is pretty much a stock exchange in almost every country in the world.

When was the first American Stock Exchange?

The first stock exchange was the Philadelphia Stock Exchange in 1790.

What are some examples of US trading exchanges?

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Pacific Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, Cincinnati Stock Exchange, Midwest Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade (CBT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME),

What is common to the shenzhen stock exchange Irish stock exchange tel-aviv stock exchange Malta stock exchange and the colombo stock exchange?

They are part of 51 Member exchanges with World Federation of Exchanges

What is the informal name of the stock exchange?

London stock exchange is the informal name of the United Kingdom's stock exchange. The stock exchange is located at Paternoster Square.