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a Representative

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delegate or representative

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Q: Who represents a group of people at a meeting?
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Who is the person that represents a group of people at a meeting?

Answer A Meetiator! hahaha :-)

A group of people meeting for a religious service?

Religious Congregation

What is a prostitution ring?

It is a group of people that arrange meeting for liaisons.

What is the origin of the word meeting?

meeting means having a small gathering with a group of people for important matters!!

What was the meeting of a group and church people that advised the king was called?


What is a task force meeting?

A task force meeting is a gathering of a task force group. A task force is a group of people who come together to work on a single task or objective.

When a group of people in a meeting approve a new change in the constitution by voting they do what?


What did people do at grange meeting?

A grange is a group of farmers so they talked farming.

Pie chart sHow is how a group of people attended a meeting cal the shaded angle 300 people attended the meeting by car how many people attended the meeting?

this is well the most pointless question ever i mean who cares

What is a concourse?

A concourse is a large open space in a building where people can gather, a large group of people, or the meeting of such people.

What is the difference between group and team with an example?

group is a gathering of people or things that are close together. It could be a group of friends, or people at a meeting, or a group of pictures on a wall. A team is a group that forms one side in a competitive sport such as Baseball, soccer, or Bowling.

What represents a person or group of people responsible for enacting the countrys laws?